Thursday, December 1, 2011

Eco Holiday Gift Guide- DIY Edition

eco holiday gift guide

This gift guide has been my favorite to compile so far.  Of course, now I want to make every single thing on this list.  There's still time, right?

He's All Boy Blanket Tutorial
This blanket is made from thrifted men's flannel shirts.  Such a good idea and comfy, cozy too.

Organizer Wallet
This has been on my to do list for awhile.  I would like one for myself, but I think it would also make an excellent gift for a teacher or coworker.

Reversible Messenger Bag
I had to include one of my tutorials in the list.  This is by far the most viewed post on my site, so I thought I would include it. 
DSC_4452-edited 2

Chalkboard Mugs
I could not find a specific tutorial that went with this photo I found on pinterest.  It would be so easy to take some old or thrifted coffee mugs and paint them with chalkboard paint on the outside.  Easy peasy and cute too.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Angry Birds 
Do you have someone in your life obsessed with Angry Birds?  This DIY tutorial shows you how to make a real life version of the famous game. 

I made this irish creme last year for some friends and happened to taste some of the leftovers. : ) It is very yummy. 

How cute are these little guys?  I know a few boys in my life that would love this set.
Source: via Gwen on Pinterest

I couldn't forget the girls.  I will have to work on my painting skills before I attempt these though.
Source: via Gwen on Pinterest

There are so many DIY tutorials out there.  Don't forget to check out my Tutorials Using Recycled Materials at the top of the page for more eco-firendly gift ideas.  

If you missed my other guides, they can be found here.

I am hoping to have a stocking stuffer edition tomorrow if I can get it all ready.  I also am think about having a week of wool projects next week.  I REALLY need to use up some of my wool. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Eco Holiday Gift Guide- Kitchen Edition

eco holiday gift guide

Today I am featuring some of my favorite gifts for the kitchen.

Aeternum Saute Pans
Aeternum saute pans feature a non-stick surface using nano-ceramic technology which means they perform like nobody's business and are PFOA, PTFE and Cadmium free.  These are on my Christmas list this year. 

saute pans

Glass Tea Kettle

Why boil water behind a metal barricade? It's not nearly as enjoyable as the pure pleasure of watching water gather steam in this safe, heat-proof lab glass tea kettle with a cool blue knob on its lid and large ergonomic handle. Holding 60 ounces, it works with gas or electric heat and is dishwasher safe.  This is on my list too.  Isn't it beautiful? I think it would look great in my new kitchen.
The eco-friendly recycled aluminum wing platter alights on your dinner, coffee, or side table with angelic grace, adding its celestial √®lan to the spirit of the season.
Designed for both function and comfort, and made from an earth friendly blend of recycled wood and plastic. They can also be recycled as well. Dishwasher safe.

8-5x11 publicity

Olive Wood Salt Cellar
The olive wood salt cellar is carved from wood that is pruned from young trees and sprouts of trees no longer producing olives. No olive tree is damaged or destroyed in the harvesting of the wood. This assures that the trees remain healthy and the groves sustainable. The wood is dried for over a year and then hand crafted into beautiful, one of kind accessory pieces, each with their own unique grain pattern. These high quality pieces will last a lifetime.

Bring those memories to life - like the night you all drank wine, talked and laughed until the early morning hours... don't throw out those wine corks. Recycle them into this handy trivet! Group gathering? Make several for those who were there.
cork trivet

In case you missed my arts & craft edition it is here.  My drink lovers edition is here.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Eco Holiday Guft Guide- Arts & Crafts Edition

eco holiday gift guide

Today we are looking at some of my favorite gifts for kids that love to create.

Arts & Crafts

Eco-Friendly and Non-toxic - Pencils are made from reforested wood preserving natural forests and conforms to ASTM D-4236

Perfect for crayons, colored pencils and markers. 18 inches X 75 feet roll. Great for parties, school or home.
Recycled Newsprint Art Paper

Eco-dough is an all natural alternative. Made with plant, fruit and veggie extracts! No chemicals, artificial dyes or metals. The containers are made from cornstarch and 100% compostable. Also it doesn't dry out like name brands. If it's left out overnight just add a few drops of olive oil and it comes right back! Available in Regular and Gluten Free.

Green Kid Craft Kits
The Green Kid Craft Kits projects are generally nature-themed and multicultural to expand your child's worldview. They are composed of non-toxic, natural, and sustainable supplies whenever possible or practical.
green kid crafts

Glob Natural Blends are water-soluble pigments - simply add water to the dry powder and mix to create safe, non-toxic, biodegradable paint! Each pigment is botanically crafted from natural colors found in vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs, roots and spices.

Finally, a fun activity and something to do with all those plastic bags! With this kit, kids can build two cool monster puppets from plastic bags, beads, bottle caps, and more.


If you missed it, check out yesterday's guide.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Eco Holiday Gift Guide- Drink Lovers Edition

eco holiday gift guide

Today I am featuring some of my favorite gifts for the drink lovers in your life.

Eco Holiday Guide Drink Lovers
{Photo sources are linked below}

You guys already know that I love my lifefactory glass water bottle.  It is by far my favorite water bottle.   The wide opening makes drinking from it easy.  This would be the perfect gift for the water drinker in your life.

KeepCups are lightweight, non-toxic and BPA free.  They are also dishwasher and microwave safe.  Pair this cup with a gift certificate to your local coffee shop for the coffee lover in your life.

keep cup

I have the 16 oz and 20 oz insulated Klean Kanteens.  They really do keep your drink hot or cold.  There is a cafe cap that is sold separately that turns the Klean Kanteen into a travel coffee cup.  
Thermal KK

These recycled wine glasses are beautiful and unique.  I think these would make a great gift for the wine lover in your life, especially if you give them a bottle of their favorite wine too.
recycled wine glasses

We can't forget the beer lovers.  These glasses are made from recycled beer bottles. I really liked the look of these glasses, but you can do a search on Etsy and find tons of other options if you are looking for a specific beer.  

recycled beer glasses

These martini glasses are made with reclaimed street signs. They are the priciest item on the list, but worth the money considering they are handmade in North Carolina.  
martini glasses
Uncommon Goods has tons of cool recycled gifts.

Happy shopping.

Tomorrow I will be feeaturing some of my favorite arts & craft gifts.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Aloha Bottle Caps Giveaway

A few months ago I was contacted by the owner of Aloha Bottle Caps.  She saw this post that I had written about making recycled bottle cap necklaces.  The big box of bottle caps must have caught her eye because she asked if I had any bottle caps that I would be willing to send to her.  We have been saving bottle caps for years now, so we have A LOT of bottle caps.  We communicated back and forth and came to an agreement.  I would send her bottle caps in exchange she would send me some of her products. 


Aloha Bottle Caps uses recycled bottle caps to make earrings, necklaces, and key chains.  They are based out of Hawaii.  If you have a chance, take a look around the website.  Sarah, the owner, is one talented lady.

Last week I received my care package in the mail.  She sent me so much stuff.  I would love to share some of the goodies with you.  All you have to do is leave a comment by Friday October 14th and you are entered in the giveaway.  There will be 4 winners. 

If you have bottle caps that you would like to recycle, you can send them to Sarah

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mighty Nest- Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle Review

It is no secret that I have a slight obsession with reusable water bottles. We have a Klean Kanteen for every person in the family plus a couple of spares. We rarely leave home without them. So when Mighty Nest offered to send me a Lifefactory glass water bottle to review, I couldn't resist. I love drinking out of glass, so I was very intrigued.

water bottle

I have been using the bottle for over a week now and love it. I enjoy drinking out of glass and it is really easy to drink from the wide mouth top. I found that I drank more water during the week too. I think it helped to be able to see how much water was left in the bottle. It is also dishwasher safe, which is a HUGE plus. The only drawback that I found was traveling in the car. I usually use a klean kanteen with a sip top, so all I have to do is drink. With the glass bottle you have to screw the top off, which isn't always the easiest while driving. Overall though I love the bottle. It will definitely be my go to water bottle.

You can find the water bottles here.

Mighty Nest is offering all my readers 10% of the Lifefactory Water Bottles-the 22oz, 16oz, and oz. Just enter coupon code NGM10 at checkout. The coupon is valid until Sept. 15, 2011.

Disclaimer: Mighty Nest did send me the water bottle to review, but I am not being compensated in any way by Mighty Nest.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Magic School Bus Oceans iPad App

My kids love to play on the iPad. There are so many educational apps out there, but it is hard to find one that is education, entertaining, and fun. The Magic School Bus app is just that.

The app tells a story, but also includes videos to watch.


There are games to play.


And information at the touch of the screen.


My 7 year old daughter was captivated by the story and all the additional information. She really enjoyed the games and the videos. There is tons of information so it takes awhile to get through the whole story, which I liked because I felt like I was getting my money's worth. My 5 year old son was not as enthralled, so I would say that this appeals more to an older child.

If your kids are already familiar with the The Magic School Bus, they will love this app.

Click here to find it on itunes.